Aihe: The Mission

Aihe: The Mission

Aihe’s vision is to create a world where any learner can become an expert. Our first mission is to empower teachers to be excellent educators AND do everything they love.

This is the story of the genesis of Aihe's mission.

Once upon a time, while working as a contract Instructor in the bustling city of Toronto, Canada, I had the opportunity to work with a passionate teacher named Paul. He dedicated his days to teaching English as a Second Language at an esteemed academy. His students were a diverse group, with limited knowledge of the English language. They struggled to express even the most basic phrases, such as colors or greetings. It was a challenging task, but Paul embraced it wholeheartedly.

Despite the difficulties, Paul's commitment and teaching prowess made him incredibly popular among his students. Whenever he walked through the academy's hallways, his name echoed through the air as students called out, "Teacher Paul, Teacher Paul!"

However, one fateful day, everything changed. I arrived at work only to learn that Paul had been abruptly fired. The reasons behind this unexpected decision remained a mystery. It was then that I realized the harsh reality many teachers face—their financial security is not necessarily linked to their teaching abilities. Financial stability for educators often seems like an elusive dream.

Deeply troubled by this, I pondered upon the fact that professionals in various fields, such as accountants, lawyers, and doctors, could establish their own firms to secure their financial independence. But why couldn't talented teachers like Paul do the same? This question planted a seed of inspiration within me, fueling a desire to find a solution—a way to provide financial security to educators.

This seed sprouted into a transformative vision called Aihe. Its mission was clear: to empower teachers and grant them the financial security and independence they deserve. Aihe aimed to enable teachers to excel not only within the classroom but also outside of it. In today's gig economy, many teachers are compelled to juggle multiple teaching jobs just to make ends meet. Gone are the days when full-time educators could focus on a few classes. Now, contract teachers are burdened with teaching 14 to 16 classes, lacking job security in their pursuit of financial stability. One teacher we encountered lamented, "We are grabbing all the jobs we can get, but true security eludes us."

As the pieces of the puzzle fell into place, I realized that to provide financial security to teachers, we needed to put the students first. Teachers who genuinely engage and empower their students to achieve their learning goals are the ones students truly want to learn from. It became clear that these expert teachers should be able to enjoy financial security and independence, unhindered by external constraints. Aihe's mission extended beyond the boundaries of the classroom. It aimed to create an environment where teachers could also excel in their personal passions and self-actualize. One teacher expressed, "I love teaching. I really do." However, the burden of excessive paperwork, endless marking, and burnout prevents them from pursuing their other aspirations. For example, this teacher yearns to delve into the world of performing comedy shows but finds themself consumed by the hours spent on marking papers outside of classroom duties. Another teacher, drowned in a sea of papers, can’t spend quality time with their children.

These dedicated educators long to excel in endeavours beyond their classrooms, whether it was becoming a loving parent or honing their skills as a stand-up comedian. Despite their love for teaching, they wish to minimize the additional tasks that overshadowed their primary passion. They simply desire to step into the classroom, focus on teaching, and minimize the burden of peripheral responsibilities.

Driven by these stories and aspirations, Aihe’s embarked on a mission to empower teachers to become experts not only within the classrooms but also in their personal pursuits. The goal is to provide financial independence and security for educators, creating a harmonious balance between their professional and personal lives.

We seek more stories like those shared by these passionate teachers. We were on the lookout for individuals who share the same love for teaching and yearn for a better teaching experience. We aim to gather a group of 25-50 teachers who are tired of marking tests outside of unpaid hours, eager to provide us with feedback, and willing to test our early products. We invite these teachers to join us on our transformative journey as we build Aihe, a platform that would revolutionize the teaching profession and create a new paradigm of financial security, independence, and fulfillment for educators by saving teacher time and reducing the time spent on marking

Together, we could rewrite the story of teaching, ensuring that every teacher had the opportunity to thrive, both inside and outside the classroom. The hero's journey has begun, and with the collective strength and dedication of passionate teachers, we are determined to make a difference. The path ahead might be challenging, but the promise of a brighter future for educators is within our grasp.

We're developing a revolutionary solution aimed at drastically reducing the time teachers spend on marking tests and assessing students. By streamlining these administrative tasks, we aim to give back time—time for educators to nurture their students, reignite their passions, and live fulfilling lives outside the classroom.

As a token of our appreciation for being an early user, we're offering free access to our marking and assessment platform as we develop it. This is more than early access; it's an opportunity to shape a tool designed to empower you, the educator.

If you're interested in making a meaningful impact on the development of our platform, sharing your insights, and pioneering a brighter, more secure future for teachers everywhere, please click [Get Early Access] below.

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